Watcher Database 6.0.0 Public Beta 2

Note to all users: This is a beta release that is being provided for review and testing purposes and is not a completed product. Some features have only been partially implemented, other areas will not work at all. Please use the bug tracker, available here to report any problems / issues / missing or inaccurate cards / etc.

Note to version 5 users: Please see the upgrade section of the Watcher Database 6 Documentation, available at WatcherDatabase.Tk under the Software -> Docs menu for information on importing your version 5 collection data.

Version 6.0.0 Public Beta 2 -- 05/13/2017
  • Database: Includes the latest revision of the cards database, which includes the new 2017 Summer Special spoilers as well as other various improvements.
  • Deck Editor: I've completely re-written all of the deck analyzer logic. I've also been working on improving the support for the various basic deck construction rules that exist across the various rule books.