Dr. Alan Neyman      Generic

EVENT:  Draw three cards, then take any three cards from your hand and put them back on top of your Endurance in
any order.

Dr. Alan Neyman belongs to that subcategory of cards such as Fortune Teller and Scrye that give you some
foreknowledge of what is coming up in your deck.  Neyman also shares similarities with cards like Elizabeth Vaughn
and the Movie Edition Flashback, cards that allow you to get rid of cards in your hand and draw new ones.

And finally, Neyman is also one of a number of emergency "draw" cards, along with Heroic Deed, Master's Stratagem,
and Quality Blade/ME.  His strength is that he combines aspects of all three of these types of cards.

Primarily, Neyman always gives you a quick boost by adding three cards to your hand.  Even if you never
intend to Exert, all you have to do is take your three new cards and put back three cards that will not help you
this turn.  At worst, you'll draw them back in a turn or two.

Because of this, there is almost never any harm in playing Neyman.  The only time you don't want to use
Neyman is if drawing the three cards would cause you to exhaust your Endurance.  At worst, you can take the three
cards you just drew and put them back.

That's Dr. Alan Neyman's basic usefulness.  If you have a deck that uses any kind of Exertion strategy, then it
becomes even more useful.

Like Fortune Teller, Neyman lets you control the top cards of your Endurance, which is important for Exerting.
You only have control over three cards, rather than Fortune Teller's six.  However, when you play Fortune
Teller it's random what those six cards are.  With Neyman, you get to determine what those three cards are.

Thus, if you have to Exert for a defense, play Neyman, then place a suitable defense from your hand back on top
of your Endurance.  Exert and you have the defense you need.  This makes him ideal for use against cards like
Katana's Taunt and Feint/Edge.  You'll still need to have played Continuity or Ancestral Blade on a previous turn
if the incoming attack is a Power Blow.  Still, playing any defense and taking two damage is better then lacking
a defense and taking four . . . or losing your head because you attempted that Hidden attack on your last

Note that with the above strategy, you normally Exert for five cards.  The last two will be cards you have no
control over.  You may wish to use the Master/Swordmaster card, or Collect, to reduce the size of your Exertions
down to three.  Normally, you don't want to Exert for only three cards when going for a defense.  Again,
however, Neyman helps by making it very likely that the defense you need is in those three cards.

Dr. Alan Neyman is not quite as useful when Exerting for attacks.  There are a few instances when you want to
Exert for an attack (Fitzcairn's Fast Talk, Katana's Intimidate) where Neyman can help.

Neyman is also a useful card to have when you're forced to Exert by cards like Avery Hoskins or Challenge/ME.
Even if you _want_ to Exert for an attack, you might be able to save yourself a Stalk or Shooting Blade by using
Neyman to draw them from the next three cards, and then replace it with a non-Special Attack.  A Richie deck with
an emphasis on other personas' Special Attacks could definitely use several of this card.

Of the personas that specifically benefit from Dr. Alan Neyman, Kern gains the most.  The contradiction with Kern
is that if he uses lots of attacks, that means he has lots of attacks in his hand.  Since he can't play an
attack from his hand _and_ Exert for attacks, he can often end up with hand-jam.  Neyman lets him place three
of his attacks back on his Endurance, and then Exert for attacks.  This guarantees he has at least three attacks
in his Exertion.  If he waits a turn without drawing or Exerting, he can Exert on the next turn and play a
Special like Rage to enhance his attack Exertion.  This strategy also helps avoid Exerting past important cards
like Hogg and Bowie Knife.

Curiously, Neferteri, the mistress of drawing cards, doesn't seem to benefit much from Neyman:  she is better
off sticking to cards like Heroic Deed and Fortune Teller.

Any other personas that favor Exertions, particularly Duncan MacLeod, would be well-advised to use this card as

So Steve's rating for Dr. Alan Neyman is 7.  This card provides a counter to forced-Exertion strategies such as
those employing Avery Hoskins and Taunt/Katana, can give an emergency boost of cards, and has several specific
strategies that it can be applied to.  Neyman tends to be overlooked, but there are two good reasons he is a rare
card:  wide-spread versatility and a no-penalty emergency draw card.

What Our Other Raters Say:

Ben - [Abstained]

Jim - This card is of limited usefulness.  It is best left for "Search & Destroy" decks where you use cards to
gain information on your opponents hand and then attack based on that info.  Decks that use Berserk can also
benefit from Dr. Alan Neyman (DAN) as you can only use attacks from the Exertion.  DAN may also be used to help
deal with discard decks -- especially ones using cards like Charm.  Nefertiri can do some interesting things
with the card too, but overall it has a very limited niche.

Jeff - Surprisingly useful card, especially for exertion-heavy decks (Kern, Kurgan, etc.) or if you
really worry about Katana's Taunts or Toadies.

Rick - This is an excellant card for cycling cards into your hand _OR_ back to your endurance, whichever place
you need to play them from.

Hank - Useful with power blows and power blocks, to help avoid card loss... otherwise not great.

Alan - Dr. Alan Neyman is a card that should be in every deck that uses Battle Rage.  Combined with Master/LE
(allows 3-card Exertions), it would cut down the number of cards you Exert past during a Battle Rage Exertion to
0.  This can be quite deadly...

Ratings Overall:

Steve         7
Ben  [Abstained]
Jim           4
Jeff          6
Rick          7
Hank          5
Alan          7

Average:      6