Master's Domain

Search through your Endurance for a Location card of your choice.  Put that
Location into play.  Reshuffle your Endurance.  [Restricted to 3]

Here we have a fairly straight-forward card.  Look through your Endurance for
a Location, put it into play.  Can't get any simpler than that.

Any game mechanic questions?  Not many.  You can't recover an out-of-play
Location (taken out via TSC Troopers).

Just as using Alex Johnson counts as "playing" an Object, using Master's
Domain to put a Location into play counts as playing that Location.  However,
since Master's Domain has a two-part effect (search for a Location, then put
it into play), you can play it even if Illusory Terrain is out.  IT merely
cancels the second part of MD's effect - it does not prevent Master's Domain
from being played entirely.

You _can_ play Master's Domain if you don't have a Location in your Endurance.
Or if you "forget" that you are out of Locations, as the case may be.  It's
not of much use, but at least it gets the card out of your hand.

And of course, Master's Domain is a Master card.

So what can you do with Master's Domain?  The first, most obvious use is that
for some purposes you can treat it as another copy of a particular Location.
Instead of having only six cards that put, say, Ruins into play in your deck,
you can have up to nine (ten with pg Darius).

If you use a two-Location deck (the Kurgan with Catwalk + Ruins, Amanda with
Ruins + Dead-End Alley, Kastagir with Battlefield + Factory), Master's Domain
can give you some real supplemental power here to not only get out the
Locations quicker, but let you get the one out that you want.  If you're the
Kurgan and you're shooting that Pistol, Master's Domain out a Catwalk.  If
you're using that Slash, get the Ruins instead.

If you have less than the six maximum allowed of a particular Location,
Master's Domain can help you get at least that many.  It has some
disadvantages, however.  MD won't help you to recover Locations from your
Discard.  If you've already drawn and/or played those six Ruins, Master's
Domain is useless (although playable) until you've reshuffled.

Master's Domain counts against your total number of Master cards.  There are
two far-better Master cards:  Stratagem and Advance.  A 2/3 or 3/2 mix of
these cards is almost always useful.  And although Connor may have up to seven
Master cards, Persona-specific cards like Master's Block are probably going to
be more desirable for him.

One strategy for Master's Domain is the one mentioned by Jeff Barnes below.
In conjunction with Chessex, Master's Domain becomes very useful.  You can
play Master's Domain, put a Location into play, and still be able to play a
second Event.  This works nicely if you are using Verona to supplement

This strategy is also useful, albeit less so, with Impressive Move in
Watcher's Chronicles.

But other then that, there don't seem to be a lot of uses specifically for
Master's Domain.

Who should use Master's Domain?  Since all Personas (except those who benefit
primarily from Illusory Terrain, like Xavier) _should_ use Locations, anyone
can get a bit more of a kick by using MD.

The only real limit by Persona is how many Masters are allowed.  Khan, with
four Masters, shouldn't use Master's Domain, unless he absolutely can't find a
use for those Master's Advances and Stratagems (or he doesn't have them).
Generics shouldn't even consider it, assuming they are using the Generic
persona card.

Any Persona with less than six Masters allowed should look at MD with caution.

Of the Personas who can use more than five Masters, Duncan would probably be
better off using the generic Master, or the other two mentioned above.  Connor
tends to favor the Master's Stance/Block/Lunge mix.  Using this combination
can take up all seven of his Master slots.  If he limits himself to just
Master's Block and Lunge (and without pre-game Darius to raise the total
number of both of these), he has three Master slots left.  He will probably
still want to use these for Master's Stratagem, however.

This leaves the Kurgan.  With six Masters, he can actually spare space for a
couple of these.  Master's Advance in particular is useful for him.  However,
if he is using Catwalk in conjunction with Pistol (due to the extra damage -
see PotM #1), he may want the extra Location access.  Also, the Kurgan tends
to Exert a lot, meaning he will have a larger deck.  This is the other aspect
of Master's Domain.

The larger the deck, the more you will want Master's Domain, since it
increases your chance of getting that critical Location out into play.

There is no Persona who is specifically small-deck oriented.  I have seen both
large and small deck versions of practically every Persona in existence.

Those Personas who would seem to benefit the most would be Duncan, Connor, the
Kurgan, and Kern.  This isn't to say you should use Master's Domain in any
deck you use, or that you should exclude its use from other Personas.  If you
have a 100-card Amanda deck and you want to get those Dead-End Alleys, out
then go ahead and use Master's Domain.

Overall, Steve gives Master's Domain a _3_.  Some opinions to the contrary,
this card does have its uses.  There are even one or two small strategies like
Chessex/Verona/Master's Domain that it can help you with.

What Our Other Raters Say:

Ben - Abstain

Jeff - The weakest of the ME generic Masters.  Why play with this instead of
another Location in its slot?  Only two reasons I can think of: (1) you only
have 2 Veronas and need to stretch a bit, or (2) you're playing Chessex.
Master's Domain now has a third use:  used correctly, it becomes a Verona,
Italy 1637 without taking up a promo card slot.  Well, it could also become a
Pyramid, but I trust no one is nuts enough to play with that.  Unless they're
Kevin Murray. =)

Rick - Since there are no restricted Locations, you can put six of your
preferred Location in your deck and be able to get to them quickly enough. The
fact that this card takes up a Master slot is another negative.  There are
many ways to get rid of Locations, so using a Master slot just to get one into
play seems like overkill.

Hank - Master's Domain lets you hunt through your deck for a Location and put
it into play immediately.  It's probably useful for Verona decks and the like,
but I don't play with Verona decks and I have better uses for my Master slots.

Alan - Admittedly, I have never used this card, nor have I seen its use very
often.  However, since it is becoming clear the key to winning almost every
duel these days is coming down to Location control, I can see it's importance
growing. . .

Jim - Master's Domain is a good card to use if you are utilizing a multiple-
Location strategy.  It is costly since it uses up a Master slot.  I find it
useful in Kurgan decks when using both Catwalk and Ruins.  Nakano can use it
for a deck using lots of different Locations.  For large decks, Master's
Domain lets you sidestep the six-of-one-title limit.  For single Location
decks that are smaller in size than say 80+ cards, I would not recommend using
Master's Domain.

Wayne - Abstain

Ratings Overall:

Steve                   3
Ben                   N/A
Jeff                    5
Rick                    2
Hank                    4
Alan                    6
Jim                     5
Wayne                 N/A

Average:                4.17