Watcher:  Revealed

EDGE:  Watcher Revealed
Play this card in conjunction with any Ally, or on any Ally in play.  That
Ally is now considered a Watcher and can be affected by cards that affect
Watchers. If the Ally remains in play, leave this card in play with the target
Ally as a reminder.

This card is another new concept for Highlander introduced in Watcher's
Chronicles.  Watcher/Revealed "modifies" a card already in play, giving it an
additional property.  There are cards that modify attacks, but this is the
first and only card that modifies a Situation.

But first, let's look at game mechanics questions.  There are several.
Watcher/Revealed is a "Watcher" card - a card with the sole title of Watcher.
Just because a card has "Watcher" in the title does not make it a Watcher
card.  Thus, Watcher Field Agent, Watcher Database, Watcher's Oath, Watcher's
Chronicle, and Watcher Regional HQ are not Watcher cards.

You can play Watcher/Revealed in conjunction with _any_ Ally:  Situation,
Event or Edge.  If you're playing an Ally/Event, it is now considered a
Watcher.  Do you want to do this?  See below.

The effects of Watcher/Revealed last only as long as the card is in play.  As
soon as it goes to the discard pile, the enhanced card is no longer a Watcher.

When played in conjunction with an Ally/Situation, Watcher/Revealed remains on
the table.  This means both it and the Ally it is enhancing are Watcher cards
in play.  If you manage to do this six times for all six of the
Watcher/Revealeds you are allowed, you could conceivably have 12 Watchers in
play at one time!

However, if the Ally leaves your control, it is still a Watcher.  Thus,
Fitzcairn can Seduce your Avery Hoskins/Watcher and increase the number of
Watchers that he has in play.

Due to the Sweeps Phase rules, during your turn you can play Watcher/Revealed
on an Ally/Event or Edge that your opponent played on his last turn.  That
card is "in play" and therefore a legal target.  Is there an advantage to
this?  See below.

So that's what you can do with Watcher/Revealed, and how it works.  What
advantage can you gain from this?

Well, in our Christmas issue we'll look a bit more at the other Watcher-
related cards.  But there are a few things we can look at here.

As far as using Watcher/Revealed on an Ally/Event or Edge . . . not much.
Doing so on your own cards makes them vulnerable to Watcher/Counter.  If you
play Renee Delaney she can't be affected by Watcher/Counter.  If you play
Renee Delaney and make her a Watcher, she can be affected.  Duh.

There is only one Event/Ally that currently gains an advantage from becoming a
Watcher.  That is Kirk Matunas.  The James Horton pre-game card increases the
damage of any Watcher/Event that already does damage by one point.  Three
Watcher/Revealeds and three Kirk Matunas add up to a big eight points of
damage.  Of course, if you're out of TCGs and your opponent does a Do It
Yourself, you could have problems.

Ironically, this trick works in reverse, in conjunction with the Sweep Phase.
If your opponent plays Kirk Matunas(es), they remain on the table until his
Sweep Phase.  Their damage doesn't resolve until your Ability Adjustment
Phase.  Play Do It Yourself, and then crank up their damage with your own

Does Watcher/Revealed help you against your opponent's Ally/Events or Edges?
Well, no.  Code Red returns all Watchers "in play" to their owners' hands.  So
you can make an opponent's Elizabeth Vaughn an Watcher, and then play Code
Red.  But Elizabeth's effect has already resolved.  In fact, any Event that
you remove from play because it hasn't been "swept" yet still has an effect.

By the same token, Watcher/Agents Threatened makes everyone discard all
Watchers they have "in play."  But since a Watcher/Event/Ally has already
established its effect, removing it from play (before the Sweep Phase would do
so anyway) is of no help either.

So using Watcher/Revealed on Events, except for Kirk Matunas, doesn't help
much.  That leaves playing it on Situations:  your own or your opponent's.

Making an Ally/Situation a Watcher makes it vulnerable to the cards listed
above.  This can be good (if you use Watcher/Revealed on your opponent's
cards) or bad (if your opponent is using those cards).

Is it a good idea to add Watcher/Revealed to your deck for use against your
opponent?  Well, perhaps.  Watcher/Revealed requires that your opponent _use_
Allies.  If they're not, you either have to ditch it, store it via Dojo, or
use it on your own Allies to get rid of it.

Keep in mind that many Ally/Situations are transitory.  Carl, Rachel
Ellenstein, Jack Donovan (with errata'd text), Dugal MacLeod, Garfield, Dr.
Anne Lindsey, Hideo Koto, James Horton, and Joe Dawson are either discard-to-
use, or easily removable through other means.

Some of the other Ally/Situations are not the most powerful cards in the game.
Tessa, Heather, Brenda Wyatt, and Linda Marcus come to mind here.

So Watcher/Revealed against an opponent, used in conjunction with Code Red or
Watcher/Agents Threatened, can give you some heavy-duty Situation removal.
But it's an iffy proposition.

Using Watcher/Revealed to enhance your _own_ Allies, however, works well in
conjunction with a new Location:  Watcher Regional HQ.  This lets you choose
to draw a card at the beginning of each turn, for each Watcher you have in
play.  As noted above, you can conceivably have twelve Watchers on the table
at one time.  Although ten, since you'll probably use Watcher/Treatment, is
more likely.

So overall, Steve gives Watcher/Revealed a _3_.  Yes, it has a few limited
uses.  So far, though, I'm not big on Allies.  Most of the existing ones are
either not powerful enough, or too ephemeral for me to want to try tricky
stuff to take them out faster, or keep them in longer.  There are just too
many useful Watcher cards (Counter, Treatment, Rearm, Involvement) for me to
want to use up my allotment of six on Watcher/Revealeds.

What Our Other Raters Say:

Jeff - Abstain

Rick - Any Ally that also becomes a Watcher is now more vulnerable to other
cards.  Is that a good thing?  The only bonus I see would be with Watcher
Regional HQ in play.  Wouldn't this card count double?

Hank - Pretty interesting use of an Edge card, unique in that it can be played
on a card already in play.  Cards that modify cards in play, for a length of
time, remind me a bit too much of Magic.  However, I can see how a Watcher
deck (for instance, one using the Watcher Regional HQ) might want more
Watchers in play, and this use of an Edge does add a new dynamic to play.

Alan - A card which can be used to advance your own strategy, or hinder your
opponent's.  Play on your own Situation: Allies (Carl, Signorina Arianna,
etc.) then play Watcher Regional HQ.  Or, play on your opponent's pesky
Situation: Allies, then play Code Red, and watch all of your opponent's Allies
return to his hand.

Jim - This is a great card if you are using an anti-Watcher deck or if you
play in an environment were lots of Watchers are used.  The uses are too
limited for my tastes as you need to have a good number of anti-Watcher cards
in your own deck and your opponent needs to be using Allies.  Although,
neither of these are uncommon practices you can end up with lots of useless
cards in your deck if both conditions fail to hold true.

Wayne - Abstain

Prodipto - This card is of limited use as well.  It's good for an anti-Watcher
deck.  However, otherwise it's fairly valueless and mostly hand clutter.  It
is advisable to have a few Allies of your own to use this with, but its best
value is to eliminate other player's Allies.

Allen - If your opponent is using lots of Allies, Watcher Revealed helps you
use Code Red to slow down his game.  This is a "conditional" use, however, and
I try to avoid conditional cards.  For your own use, Watcher Revealed can help
you cycle your hand if you are able to keep Watcher Regional Headquarters and
lots of Allies in play.  Generally, it's not a card I would use otherwise.

Ratings Overall:

Steve                   3
Jeff                  N/A
Rick                    4
Hank                    7
Alan                    5
Jim                     5
Wayne                 N/A
Prodipto                3
Allen                   5

Average:                4.14