Play this card before you make an Exertion. You may pull one Special/Edge card
from that Exertion and put it into your hand. You may play only one Memories
per turn.

Here's a card that is a variation on several others:  Courage from the Movie
Edition, and Kane's Divination from the same set.

Game mechanics questions first.  There's not much, really.  Play it before you
Exert.  It doesn't matter what kind of Exertion you're making.  You can't use
it in your Defense Phase and play the recovered that same phase:  you can't
play cards during a phase, after you Exert.  However, you can keep a card from
a Defense Phase Exertion and then use it during your Attack Phase.  In the
case of Specials, you can't play a recovered Special during your Attack Phase
if you already played one during your Defense Phase.

So that's it, really.  So what does Memories do for you?

Basically, they're a great way to keep from losing cards that you might
otherwise want to keep.  Specifically, they keep you from losing.  Memories
can also keep you from losing Edges, but typically they are nowhere as
restricted as Specials.  Nor are you likely to have as many except in smaller
decks, where you probably won't care if you lose them to an Exertion anyway.

Using Memories/Special, Xavier can Exert for that Power Block, and keep that
Forethought or Unholy Alliance pt. 2 that he is going past.  He can even
potentially go on to play that card during his Attack Phase if necessary.

Memories is far superior to Courage.  Courage only lets you keep an attack
during an attack Exertion, or a defense during a defense Exertion.  Courage is
useless during Exertions for Power Blows/Blocks, making Memories superior on
that basis alone.  Typically, you're going to want a Special more than an
attack or defense anyway.

Kane's Divination is a superior card to Memories, since it lets you keep any
card without designating a type or requiring a particular Memories before
making the Exertion.  However, Divination is Persona-specific, an Event, and
Restricted.  Since Kane is probably going to use it to keep a Special, he
might as well use Memories/Special.  Of course, this means Kane can further
supplement his Exertion control by using Memories on top of Divination.

So who should use Memories?  Well, anyone who plans on Exerting.  Even those
who plan on making 3-card Exertions (the Kurgan, anyone using
Master/Swordmaster) can use it to save themselves a card they might otherwise
lose.  Just because you can make a smaller Exertion doesn't mean that you
still won't find valuable Specials and Edges you want to keep.

Fitzcairn and Katana often Exert, and Memories can help them here as well.
They won't be able to play that Special they regain using Memories/Special
(since they can't Exert to us their ability and play a Special), but they'll
have it next turn.

There seems to currently be some question on how exactly Kastagir's power
works.  Still, he should be able to go back and pull any one Special or Edge
(as appropriate) from the Exertion using one Memories or the other.

Amanda doesn't want to Exert, particularly to Power Block, and should probably
stick to using Ancestral Blade and Alex Johnson to effectively Power Block.

However, Amanda, and pretty much everyone else, can always be the target of
Taunt (Katana's or the Kurgan's), Avery Hoskins, or Challenge/ME.  Memories
can help you here.  Heck, if Amanda wants to make that Thrust a Power blow,
and can't otherwise make a "free" Power Blow (like with Slan's Q), she can
always use Memories/Special to keep that other Seduce she'd probably lose
through bad luck.

If you just can't find a use for Memories, tuck them into your Dojos (Card of
the Week #34) for future use, or to keep them out of your way.

So overall, Steve gives Memories/Special a _7_, and Memories/Edge a _4_.  They
are useful  each dodge that they had and ran circles around you.

What Our Other Raters Say:

Jeff - [Special] Not a card I'd use a lot (I'd probably prefer Zealot if I'm
planning on exerting), but not completely useless, either.  However, since I
avoid exertions like the plague, I can't see when I'd use it.  Maybe if I
played Katana or his Q... or maybe Fitz...  [Edge] Woo-hoo.  Talk about power.
Use the Flashback: Edge card if losing an Edge to an exertion bothers you

Hank - Memories is a nice, balanced card.  Not terribly abusive, useful in
decks which force Exertions or just use them for fun.

Alan - Abstain

Jim - [Special] This is a great card for anyone who exerts alot and uses lots
of Specials.  Duncan, Fitzcairn, and Katana will get good use from this card.
Battle Rage and Bloodlust decks will also find this card useful.  [Edge] A
good card for decks that make lots of Exertions and use a good number of EDGE

Wayne - Abstain

Prodipto - Abstain

Allen - Both Memories serve to save you from some of the bite of having to
Exert.  If your deck has a rather relaxed attitude about Exerting then both of
these cards are well worth including.  Which one you want to use will depend
upon your deck and what types of combos/key cards you don't want to miss.

Bruce - Does Courage find a lot of use in your decks? If so then these are the
cards for you. They are marginally better than Courage because if the Exertion
is during your Defense Phase, you might actually get to play the cards during
your turn. I have found them mildly beneficial for some Exertion-heavy decks.
But if you are Exerting for attacks or defenses, they tend to just get in the

Ratings Overall (Special/Edge version):

Steve                 7/4
Jeff                  5/3
Hank                  7/7
Alan                  N/A
Jim                   7/6
Wayne                 N/A
Prodipto              N/A
Allen                 6/6
Bruce                 1/1

Average:                5.50/4.50