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Bug ID #:25
Title:(MAO) Missing "Order Form" Cards
Reported By: rWatcher
Date / Time:3/6/2008 3:01:49 PM
Description:Customer Satisfaction Card (The Gathering): http://eric2001.brinkster.net/images/CustomerSatisfaction(TG).jpg Customer Satisfaction Card (Four Horsemen): http://eric2001.brinkster.net/images/CustomerSatisfaction(4H).jpg Nexus Membership Card (Unknown, could be SE or WC?): http://eric2001.brinkster.net/images/NexusSignup(SE).jpg Note: This card is almost identical to the WC card currently in the database. The difference is on the first line of text -- "$5.00 off a one-year membership" -- The WC card has "mem-" on the first line, while this card has the entire "membership" on the second line.
History: Written by rWatcher on 3/17/2013 10:43:40 PM:
Done in Version 6.

The Customer Satisfaction cards were added as requested. The "questionable" Nexus signup card was added as The Gathering, as I just pulled one out of a TG booster. It's possible this card was printed in other editions as well, but I am unable to investigate that at this time.


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