Card Details

Ramirez Persona Back Ramirez Collection Common
Persona / Pre-Game   7
"Greetings. I am Juan Sanchez Villa Lobos Ramirez, chief metallurgist to King Charles the V of Spain... and I am at your service."

You may play this card as a non-Persona Pre-Game. This card modifies your Persona and may not be removed from play. Once per turn, you may look at the top two cards or your deck. Until the end of your turn, if these cards still are on the top of your Endurance, you can play them as if they were in your hand.

You may play this card as your Immortal Persona Pre-Game. You may play an additional attack if that attack is a slash. You may make 3 or 5 card exertions and must announce the size of your exertion before doing so. You may attack normally to any area you just blocked. You may include up to 7 Master Cards.

This card is legal in the following formats:
1st Edition Banned
MLE Legal
Type One Banned
Type Two Banned