Card Details

Nefertiri Persona Tin Set Rare
Persona   5
First trained by Raan, a priest of Osiris. Born in the 19th Dynasty in Egypt, she was a concubine of Ramses. Nefertiri was sacrificed when the Pharaoh died, to be sent with him to the afterworld. 1200 years later, in 30 B.C., she faked her death in order to be buried with Cleopatra, and was not revived until 1994, when Duncan MacLeod found her and introduced her to the world of electricity, automobiles, and modern fashion. She fights with an Egyptian short sword.

During your turn, you may draw back up to your Ability if you have fewer cards in your Hand than your Ability. When you discard from your Hand, you may place some or all of those cards on top of your Endurance. You may include up to five Master cards.

This card is legal in the following formats:
1st Edition Legal
MLE Legal
Type One Legal
Type Two Banned