Card Details

Iman Fasil Persona The Gathering Rare
Persona   5
Iman Fasil was born in northern Italy in the winter of 1594. He was of noble birth, but not conscience. His petty abuses of his noble heritage set him on a path of self-destruction. Although he never realized it, he had died two years earlier in a drunken stupor. Soon the man, adopted as an infant, was disowned by his father in favor of a more discerning nephew. Disinherited, Fasil roamed the land, encountering other Immortals. The Gathering will deliver to him the prize to rule he desires.

If you successfully block an attack, your next attack that turn may be Hidden. You may use up to 5 Master cards.

This card is legal in the following formats:
1st Edition Legal
MLE Legal
Type One Legal
Type Two Banned