Card Details

Rebecca's Students Premium (+1) Back Brothers In Arms Promo
New Immortals have for centuries learned of The Game from those who have survived. These teachers take the new born Immortal under their wing and teach them the rules of The Game. They teach them the ways of the sword and how to fight and strive towards The Prize. Most famed among these teachers is Rebecca Horne. Over the years Rebecca has trained many students who have gone on into The Game. Some of these students have fought for right, while others have forgotten the lessons of their teacher and now kill for the pleasure..

Play this card before the game begins in conjunction with the Rebecca's Students Faction Persona card. You begin the game with +1 Ability. This card modifies your Persona and may not be removed from play.

This card is legal in the following formats:
1st Edition Banned
MLE Legal
Type One Banned
Type Two Banned