Card Details

Faith Persona Front Missing Link Expansion Rare
Persona   4
Known as Catherine Mary Devaney or simply "Kate" served as a seamstress to a noblewoman in 18th century Ireland. Rescued by Duncan & Conner MacLeod from Lachlan and his band of highwaymen, Duncan found himself instantly in love with her.

However, unlike Duncan or Conner, Kate has found her Immortality meaningless & empty. Bitter, she turned to Jacob Kell, who shares her contempt for life.

As a new millennium begins, the world knows her as now as Faith, a glamorous & successful fashion designer.

Once per turn, you may discard a Special card from you hand to take any Reserved card in your opponent's discard pile. You may play that card this turn. The card returns to your opponent's discard pile after being swept, countered, discarded or removed from play, or if you do not play it this turn. You may have up to 4 Master cards.

This card is legal in the following formats:
1st Edition Banned
MLE Legal
Type One Banned
Type Two Banned