Card Details

Crysta Van Pelt Persona (UP-008) Black Raven, Volume 3 Fixed
Persona   4
Christina "Crysta" Van Pelt was born in 1954 in New York and joined the armed forces when she was 18. After a long distinguished career and watching others with less talent and skills pass her by, Crysta's loyalties waned. One fateful night in the late eighties, Crysta was stationed in Germany where she was given a proposal of power at a dance club by the owner Andre Korda. However Korda was no mere business man. He was an ancient immortal with 1000's of years of experience, ruling a growing underworld syndicate. He quickly ensnared the seduced Crysta into his world of extortion and crime. Like so many others before her, Crysta was given a test of loyalty and devotion by stealing secrets and technologically from her former US affiliates. She was killed during the attempt and reborn into the world of immortals. Korda took her into his web of lies and manipulation. Crysta's expertise in computers and business were put to good use. Korda trained her in the traditional Chinese arts of Fu Ling - The art of control and conquest to least resistance. Since her death, she has served her mentor and lover loyally. Nicknamed the "Crystal Viper," Crystal is as dangerous a body guard, as she is beautiful. Dispite her inexperience and Korda's diminishing power, she is a weapon not to be taken lightly. -- Watcher Chronicle

During your Draw/Discard phase our hand limit is one more than your Ability. When your opponent plays a Special Card, they must place the top card of their Endurance face down, next to yours. When the opposing player exhausts, these captured cards are reshuffled into their Endurance. You may have up to four Master cards.

This card is legal in the following formats:
1st Edition Legal
MLE Legal
Type One Legal
Type Two Banned