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St. Anne's Broadsword Pre-Game (UP-010) Black Raven, Volume 3 Fixed
Weapon of Choice   [Hand] [Hand]
Originating during the 10th century, this smaller version of the standard oversized Broadsword was popular among young trainees, light armored swordsmen, and squires of the day. The Broadsword was quick and versatile versus heavily armored knights and slow moving larger swords. This weapon causes much havoc and damage despite its smaller size, due to its speed and strong center. Amanda was presented this sword by her first teacher Rebecca Horne and has cherished it since. Its perfectly balanced blade and gold decorated handle was named for the patron Saint of Birthmothers. Amanda has also used a single foiled saber and single bladed Excalibur, but reclaimed her holy St. Anne sword to honor her mentor Rebecca's friend Queen Anne Hyde of England during her reign in 1707.

Before the game begins you must declare whether you're using the Broadsword as a one or two handed weapon. You may switch at the beginning of your turn, but you lose one attack that turn. Discard two cards from your Endurance to turn a Basic Block into a Power Block. Increase the chance of any prone attempt made against you by one in six.

This card is legal in the following formats:
1st Edition Legal
MLE Legal
Type One Legal
Type Two Banned