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Black Phoenix Fan Pre-Game (UP-015) Black Raven, Volume 4 Fixed
Weapon of Choice   [Hand]
Originating during 1600 BC, the Chinese fans were first made of bird feathers to keep out dust. It's popularity spread through Arabia, Japan, and even Rome. It was not until the Japanese occupation and Zhou Dynasty periods that the first metallic fans appeared. Used by the deadly Ninjutsu-Rye assassins and Kin Kuei. The rounded steel fan or Ogi, became a great offensive weapon and defensive weapon against heavy powerful attacks. The weapons depended on speed and grace instead of power. When a well planted concubine got close to her target, the assassin could slice with the rounded steel bladed fan or shape it as a sword for a quick death blow. To counter the Ninjutsu-Ryes Serpent style fan. The Dragon or Phoenix steel fans were created as one of the 5 weapons of the Shaolin. Styles of Wu Shu, Ba Gua and Kung Fu techniques with the Ogi fan began during the Ming Dynasties. Amanda first came in contact with these graceful weapons while training with the master Andre Korda. She loved these honorable weapons for their light weight, protective techniques, swooping balance, and great deceptive attributes. She kept a pair of Black Phoenix Steel fans to this day as a reminder of her time in Chinese history.

You may use Black Phoenix Fan if you are using another one-handed Weapon of Choise. You may return any unused attacks from an Exertion you make to the bottom of your Endurance in any order. You cannot block multiple attacks with a single block. You may play with another one-handed weapon.

This card is legal in the following formats:
1st Edition Legal
MLE Legal
Type One Legal
Type Two Banned