Card Details

Duncan MacLeod Persona (B1) Bata (2E Beta Preview Decks) Fixed
Persona   6 6[Master]5[Agility]5[Strength]5[Toughness]5[Empathy]5[Reason]
Duncan MacLeod was born in 1592 during a battle in Glenfinnan, Scotland. A foundling, as all Immortals seem to have been, Duncan was born to a Boer woman who had been part of an army engaged in attacking the Scottish Highlands. The newborn Duncan was adopted by Ian MacLeod, the chieftain of the Clan MacLeod, and given to his wife Mary to replace the stillborn son she had delivered. Duncan, as the chieftain's son, was raised to be Ian's successor.

Your Basic Block can defend attacks that cannot be blocked. For every Ally you have in play, you may increase or decrease the size of a hard-exertion by one (you must announce the size before performing the exertion).

This card is legal in the following formats:
1st Edition Banned
MLE Banned
Type One Legal
Type Two Legal