Card Details

Grayson Persona (S1) Beta, Series 1 Uncommon
Persona   6 6[Master]4[Agility]5[Strength]6[Toughness]3[Empathy]7[Reason]
Grayson was born in 325 in Daria. He grew up a warrior and became an Immortal in 365 fighting the invading Goths. Found by Darius, he eventually became second in command of Darius' Armies.

When Darius beheaded a holy man at the gates of Paris he turned from war to become a peace maker. Grayson always considered this a betrayal and would stop at nothing for revenge.

You only lose three Ability when exhausting. If your opponent took damage during their last turn, during your May Do/Must Do Phase you may remove one card from your opponent's Discard from the game.

This card is legal in the following formats:
1st Edition Banned
MLE Banned
Type One Legal
Type Two Legal