Card Details

Otavio Consone Premium (+1) Back Missing Link Expansion Very Rare
Otavio Consone is considered one of the greatest swordsman to ever live.

Noted for killing his teachers so he will never have to face those who know his weaknesses, only Ramirez himself has escaped.

In 1851, Duncan MacLeod sought Consone ought to learn from him the secret of the mysterious "Circle".

The two became friends until a woman stole both their hearts. In a duel, Consone defeated Duncan and only spared his life when the senorita agreed to marry Consone. Two years later, in an act of vengeance, Consone killed her for her continuing love of Duncan. This pattern has repeated itself time and again through the years to the present where Duncan and Consone are destined to meet again.

"You were born a pig farmer, you'll always be a pig farmer, and you'll die a pig farmer." -- Consone

Play this card before the game begins in conjunction with the Consone Persona card. You begin the game with +1 Ability. This card modifies your Persona and may not be removed from the play.

This card is legal in the following formats:
1st Edition Banned
MLE Legal
Type One Banned
Type Two Banned