Card Details

Luther Persona (HS2-234) Season 2 Expansion Pre-Game
Persona   5 5[Master]4[Agility]6[Strength]8[Toughness]2[Empathy]5[Reason]
Luther was given opportunities and advantages that we mortal men can only dream of, and what does he choose to do with them? Steal, cheat and murder. Rescued from slavery and trained by Rebecca Horne, he repays her by killing her students without even an honorable fight. The great irony of Luther's life, and the irony of all those of his kind, of course, is that their Immortal life is not eternal.

You may make Power Blows without making an Exertion. When making an Exertion for a defense, you may play any number of defenses found in that Exertion.

This card is legal in the following formats:
1st Edition Banned
MLE Banned
Type One Legal
Type Two Legal