Card Details

Connor MacLeod Persona (1st Edition) (CvD-056) Connor vs. Duncan Uncommon
Persona   6
Connor has been roaming the world since 1518, when he was born in Glenfinnan, Scotland. His mortal coils were lifted after his death by the Kurgan during a battle against the Fraiser's in 1536. He was found and trained by Ramirez, then after the death of Heather, hid first wife, he began wandering the Earth. After so many loves, losses, and centuries, even the strongest immortals look toward some kind of sanctuary against the trials and tribulations of being immortal.

You may ignore the effects of any card played by your opponent that would force you to discard cards from your hand. You may increase or decrease the size of a Hard Exertion made by your opponent by one for every Ally you have in play (to a maximum of three).

This card is legal in the following formats:
1st Edition Banned
MLE Banned
Type One Legal
Type Two Legal