Black Raven, Volume 2

Amanda So Shall Ye Reap (UR-034) Situation Fixed
Amanda The Raven (Birthright) (UR-036) Situation Fixed
Amanda The Raven (Full Disclosure) (UR-037) Event Fixed
Amanda The Raven (Queen of Spades) (UR-035) Situation Fixed
Cassandra White Wolf (UR-048) Object Fixed
Father Liam Riley Pre-Game (UP-007) Pre-Game Promo
Generic Battle of Culloden Moors (UR-058) Situation Promo
Generic French Revolution (UR-054) Situation Fixed
Generic Guardian (UR-059) Situation Promo
Generic Hypnosis (UR-047) Edge Fixed
Generic Nemesis (Amanda - Crime Never Pays) (UR-057) Situation Promo
Generic Nemesis (Talia Bauer) (UR-056) Situation Fixed
Generic Tim Helfet (UR-055) Edge Fixed
Generic Underground Tunnel (UR-053) Location Fixed
Kane Master's Block (UR-049) Block Fixed
Methos Thibault's Espee (UR-050) Special Attack Fixed
Richie Ryan Manciolini's Honor (UR-051) Edge Promo
Slan Quince Master's Volley (UR-052) Special Attack Fixed
Talia Bauer Back Away (UC-001) Dodge Fixed
Talia Bauer Deception (UR-042) Situation Fixed
Talia Bauer Eternal Oath (UR-040) Situation Fixed
Talia Bauer Explosive Device (UR-045) Object Fixed
Talia Bauer Extra Shot (UC-002) Event Fixed
Talia Bauer Inferno (UR-044) Event Promo
Talia Bauer Master's Block (UR-046) Block Fixed
Talia Bauer Nerve Toxin (UR-039) Edge Fixed
Talia Bauer Persona (UP-005) Persona Fixed
Talia Bauer Premium (+1) (UP-006) Pre-Game Fixed
Talia Bauer Retribution (UR-043) Event Fixed
Talia Bauer Revolutionist (UR-038) Event Fixed
Talia Bauer Viggiani's Master Cut & Thrust (UR-041) Special Attack Fixed