Anthony Gallen Toe To Toe (LG1-001) Edge Fixed
Ceirdwyn Marcus Constantine (LG1-002) Situation Fixed
Corda and Reno Advanced Tech (LG1-004) Edge Fixed
Corda and Reno Flanking Maneuver (LG1-005) Edge Fixed
Felice Martin Cherry Bomb (LG1-006) Edge Fixed
Felice Martin Crimson and Clover (LG1-007) Situation Fixed
General Katana "Ashes to ashes..." (LG1-008) Situation Fixed
General Katana Master's Block (LG1-009) Block Fixed
Graham Ashe Persistence (LG1-010) Edge Fixed
Graham Ashe Teacher Of Many (LG1-011) Edge Fixed
Hamza el Kahir Preparation (LG1-012) Event Fixed
Haresh Clay Scything Kick (LG1-013) Attack Fixed
Haresh Clay Taunt (LG1-014) Event Fixed
James Coltec Sensing Evil (LG1-003) Edge Fixed
Kalas Brother Paul (LG1-015) Situation Fixed
Kamir Roundhouse Kick (LG1-016) Attack Fixed
Kane "Burn it down!" (LG1-017) Edge Fixed
Kanwulf Cloaked in Darkness (LG1-018) Edge Fixed
Kenny Ross Guardian (LG1-019) Edge Fixed
Kern Bounty Hunter (LG1-020) Edge Fixed
Kyala Assassin (LG1-021) Situation Fixed
Luther Master of the Crystals? (LG1-022) Situation Fixed
Malick Cannibal (LG1-023) Situation Fixed
Marcus Constantine Ceirdwyn (LG1-024) Situation Fixed
Marcus Constantine Nefertiri (LG1-025) Situation Fixed
May-Ling Shen Nomadic Tribal Attire (LG1-026) Object Fixed
May-Ling Shen Teacher of Many (LG1-027) Edge Fixed
Nefertiri Life for a Life (LG1-029) Edge Fixed
Nefertiri Master of Seduction (LG1-030) Edge Fixed
Ramirez Master's Head Shot (LG1-031) Edge Fixed
Richie Ryan Ashe's Blade (LG1-032) Object Fixed
Richie Ryan Window Jumping Expert (LG1-033) Event Fixed
Silas Battle Rage (LG1-034) Event Fixed
Silas Hermit's Greeting (LG1-035) Situation Fixed
Slan Quince Bull Rush (LG1-036) Edge Fixed
The Sorcerer Nakano Wizards Way (LG1-028) Illusion / Situation Fixed