Legacy 2

Alex Raven Ruthless Nature (LG2-001) Edge Fixed
Amanda Sparrow's Wings (LG2-002) Object Fixed
Andre Korda "Hawks and ....... (LG2-003) Edge Fixed
Andre Korda ..... Sparrows" (LG2-004) Edge Fixed
Antonius Kalas Auberon's Blade (LG2-020) Object Fixed
Axel Whitaker Charisma (LG2-005) Event Fixed
Bartholomew Overhead Blow (LG2-006) Attack Fixed
Carl Robinson Fastball (LG2-007) Ranged Attack Fixed
Carl Robinson Mickey (LG2-008) Situation Fixed
Cierdwyn Teacher of Many (LG2-009) Edge Fixed
Clan MacLeod MacLeod Women (LG2-027) Situation Fixed
Colin MacLeod Clan Tartan (LG2-010) Object Fixed
Connor MacLeod Evil Influence (LG2-011) Plot Fixed
Crysta Van Pelt Distraction (LG2-012) Event Fixed
Damon Case Leofric's Advice (LG2-013) Situation Fixed
Damon Case Man of Purpose (LG2-014) Plot Fixed
Death Taunt (LG2-015) Event Fixed
Iman Fasil Practised Ease (LG2-018) Edge Fixed
Jacob Kell Manipulator of Many (LG2-019) Edge Fixed
Kanzashi Warrior Stance (LG2-021) Situation Fixed
Katherine Healer or Witch? (LG2-022) Event Fixed
Khabul Khan Mongol Headband (LG2-023) Object Fixed
Khabul Khan Mongol Horde (LG2-024) Object Fixed
Kit O'Brady Distraction (LG2-025) Edge Fixed
Kit O'Brady Swindled (LG2-026) Illusion Fixed
Mako Matthew McCormick (LG2-028) Situation Fixed
Marcus Octavius Electric Guitar (LG2-029) Object Fixed
Morgan d'Estaing One Step Ahead (LG2-030) Event Fixed
Nefertiri Sarcophagus (LG2-031) Object Fixed
Raphael Andre Korda (LG2-032) Situation Fixed
Raphael Unshakable (LG2-033) Event Fixed
Reggie Weller Legacy of the Sea (LG2-034) Edge Fixed
Richie Ryan "Oh, I am Ready For You." (LG2-035) Event Fixed
Taila Bauer Duelling Dagger (LG2-037) Object Fixed
Talia Bauer Distraction (LG2-036) Edge / Event Fixed
The Flock Bring It.... (LG2-016) Object Fixed
The Flock Counter (LG2-017) Dodge Fixed
War Spectre of War (LG2-038) Illusion Fixed
Yung Dol Kim Counter (LG2-039) Dodge / Block Fixed
Yung Dol Kim Master's Head Shot (LG2-040) Special Attack Fixed
Zai Jie Master's Trick (LG2-041) Edge Fixed
Zai Jie Tracker (LG2-042) Situation Fixed